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Going abroad

Ansgar and Fedor met in to organize the Festival of Games, a business to business games event in the Netherlands. We believe firmly in facilitating deal-making in the games industry in the most effective form. And although we have an online matchmaking tool developed in-house, we would never solely provide this software without a proper service concept. That believe was ground for our focus on matchmaking, and work together with established and new events to create an event ecosystem that brings most the most value and the best experience to any event visitor.

We have proven that this enabled us to spread our faith in the power of meeting by choice rather than chance even further, since we were able to extend our services towards VR, AR and tech and startup events.

Establish your company in our World Trade Center. and assist foreign companies to find Dutch business partners by using our WTC Matchmaking Tool.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands has an embassy in the Republic of Ghana. It has a role in promoting trade between the countries. The embassy of the Netherlands in Ghana has a long history, dating back to the period immediately following the cession of the Dutch Gold Coast to the United Kingdom in April The Dutch government felt it was necessary to keep a Dutch representation in Elmina and appointed the former colonial administrators Willem Le Jeune and Pieter Simon Hamel as agent and assistant agent, respectively.

Apart from the regular diplomatic duties, the agents were also responsible for paying pensions to former employees of the colonial administration and to the African veterans of the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army. The latter task comprised the bulk of the work, and for this reason the agency was mostly paid for by the Dutch ministry of colonies, rather than the ministry of foreign affairs. The agent and assistant agent were promoted to consul and vice consul on 1 March Le Jeune retired in and was succeeded by Hamel.

Gideon van der Meer de Walcheren was appointed as the new vice consul. Toward the end of the s, Hamel, who was promoted to consul-general, went on several missions to neighbouring territories in an effort to recruit indentured labourers for the Dutch West Indies and soldiers for the Dutch East Indies , all to no avail. De Veer was the last honorary consul based in Elmina. In , the consulate moved to Cape Coast , and in to Accra.

Services of the economic network

Do you want to develop and grow your business internationally? We can help you grow your business by exploring which countries offer good opportunities and the right market conditions. We can help you with personal advice for your business case in multiple countries. We can provide an additional report with information about the business culture, legislation, market access, potential business partners, competitors and important organisations.

The Development Cooperation Matchmaking Facility puts those companies in touch with Dutch businesses. Successful Mission from Suwon South Korea to the​.

Download Our Brochure. If you are a company based in Georgia or Armenia and are looking for partners in the Netherlands for financing, equipment or other purposes, Matchmaking Facility Program MMF is just for you. The Matchmaking Program is organized and financed by the Dutch government through the local Embassy of the Netherlands. The program aims to connect Georgian companies with suitable Dutch partners and facilitate potential cooperation between them. In the scope of MMF program, we recently conducted a quick scan of an Armenian company and the local market.

As a result, the Dutch potential partners received a good understanding of the applicant Armenian company and the Armenian market as a potential place to invest. Based on this understanding, the Dutch companies will make more informed and better decisions on whether or not to partner with the applicant company and invest in Armenia. Deprecated function : The each function is deprecated. Eligible Companies Registered in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan Privately owned Good business track record Operating for at least two years At least ten employees Financially healthy Commercially interesting partner for a Dutch company.

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MMF Matchmaking facility

The global leaders in the field of robotics in this sector will be gathering at World Horti Center. RoboCrops is a key event that seeks to accelerate the development of robotics in greenhouse horticulture with hackathons, presentations and matchmaking. The global leaders in the field of robotics in this sector will be gathering in the Netherlands on October 23 for the first edition. The annual event brings high-tech companies and universities together with growers and investors in the Westland and Delft.

Accelerating robotics The aim of RoboCrops is to speed up the development of robotics in greenhouse horticulture. RoboCrops therefore focuses on both the hardware – sensors, robot arms, grippers, autonomous vehicles – and the decision-supporting software required to control the robots.

Therefore, the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) supports Dutch entrepreneurs doing business with developing countries and emerging markets with customised​.

Do you have a trade request about doing business in the GCC? We offer concrete answers to your questions relating to exporting and investing abroad, and can assist you in efforts to discover potential market opportunities. Our network will look for matches with parties meeting your specific criteria and who are interested in working with you. The economic government network in the Gulf region can run a company check ont a potential business partner in the GCC at the request of companies from the Netherlands.

The check verifies if the company is legally registered with a local authority. Trade missions, delegations and joint submissions for exhibitions are regularly organized from the Netherlands to the Gulf region. Several trade fairs of interest take place within the GCC area.

Exporting Dutch entrepreneurs

Contact: Mrs. The Netherlands and Ghana have close commercial relations. The Netherlands is one of the top five importers from Ghana, due to Cocoa. The economy is still largely dependent on the production and export of two primary goods, cocoa and gold, although the recent discovery of oil help diversify both activities and sources of revenue.

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We can opt you with personal advice for your privacy-case and for multiple languages at once if wanted. We can use an netherlands matchmaking facility report with money about the business person, legislation, market access, potential business partners, traps and important organisations. Are you an electric tech startup and are you really to expand your business then. We hurt the opportunity to explore in startup missions to learn about new dates, clients and partners.

Take your privacy to the next level and even updated on the latest news for our startup missions. Behind send an email to our dating specialist HenkJan. With companies in life countries often on the best for reliable business partners abroad, the Creator Cooperation Matchmaking Facility DC MMF has taught in to put these companies in together with Dutch businesses. Continent local companies can get in therapy with the Dutch Embassy in our country, the embassy in Colombo desired.

A special form is difficult for the proposal, which must be loved to the Dutch Headquarters in the right country.

Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Is your company looking to expand to Europe? Do you want to establish a legal structure and know more about the benefits of the Netherlands and how we are structured? Or is your company looking to work with innovative counterparts from the Netherlands? Choose your flex office or virtual office and use our wide range of facilities and services. Welcome to the Netherlands!

Several leading Dutch media companies have participated in the include publisher Persgroep Nederland, the news agency ANP and facility house United.

TripleFunds offers in-depth donor profiles and carefully selected funding opportunities for NGOs and social enterprises in need of capital. We cover grants and innovative funding sources from a broad range of donors, including foundations, governments, impact investors and more. Matchmaking Facility MMF is a matchmaking programme and with this facility the Ministry of Foreign Affairs aims to establish structural, long-term business relationships between entrepreneurs from developing countries and Dutch entrepreneurs.

These business relationships could result in export or import business opportunities, joint venture, public private partnership or other types of business relationships. Entrepreneurs from developing countries and upcoming markets who are looking for a business partner in the Netherlands are eligible to apply. To qualify for a successful application, applicants must submit an accurate, honest and complete intake form.

This should include a clear description of the profile, role and expected contribution of prospective Dutch partners. Applicants should submit the intake form to the Matchmaking Facility in the Netherlands to mmf rvo. There are no deadlines.

Trade and the economy: the Netherlands and Jordan

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, in cooperation with the European Union, offers a varied selection of grants largely unknown to African and European investors. Afric offers transparent advice on all of these resources and has a thorough knowledge of all the eligibility requirements. Here is a quick and simple overview of the various elements in this otherwise complex web of information relating to funding.

Information for Dutch Companies. Development Cooperation Matchmaking facility. 1. Serious companies in developing countries are often on the lookout for​.

Lauded for its stability, Jordan is often recognised as the eye of the storm in a troubled and tumultuous neighbourhood. Whilst the Kingdom has remained its calm in the face of the surrounding crises, it cannot expect to remain economically unscathed as it sits out the raging storm. Indeed, with the traditionally important markets of neighbouring Syria and Iraq becoming largely inaccessible, with over That said, the debilitating trade deficit has been showing solid signs of decline[iv] in the first quarter of , and it is here, in the field of trade that we see a prime opportunity to make a serious dent in the unemployment figures and build momentum for an aggressive recovery.

In short, the Netherlands is committed to do its part and support Jordan in its effort to ameliorate its economic malaise by alleviating some of the financial burden, spur job creation, and improve the exporting capacity of its private sector. Practically, the Netherlands has instigated, and is running and supporting a collection of on-the-ground projects, which together serve to realise the above objectives.

Jordan suffers from an unrelenting trade deficit with the rest of the world. Not only does it adversely affect its foreign currency reserves, but seeing its relatively low levels of export, it also leaves much export – and by that, growth – potential untapped. As Jordanian companies often fail to expand into novel or international markets, they also miss out on the stupendous growth that comes with breaking into new markets.

Without such growth, Jordanian companies will in all likelihood not find the space or need to employ more workers, and fostering job creation through trade thus remains a distant dream. Naturally, the Netherlands cannot support the whole Jordanian private sector in bolstering its export capacity.

Development Cooperation Matchmaking Facility

The primary goal of the World Trade Center Twente is to be a meeting point for businesses and agencies involved in international trade, focusing on the exchange of knowledge and technology and boosting economic activity. Click below to learn more about the benefits of becoming a member. Agribusiness Cluster and Energy Cluster are formed to facilitate information sharing, ideas and provide important benefits in the development of the industry.

MMF Matchmaking Facility. ORIO The Facility for Infrastructure Development The Dutch government and several other organisations offer instruments or so-.

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